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A Brief Interlude on “Uncategorized”


For some reason, this morning I am bothered. Why does WordPress find the need to label the posts I do not explicitly file into categories as “Uncategorized”? Maybe I’m being dense, maybe it makes sense. But I don’t think that, merely because one hasn’t yet labeled a post as having to do with one thing or another that it has no category. It’s like the Capital-U-“Undecided” major option at liberal arts colleges. Just because one hasn’t specified a path yet does not mean no path exists, that the path instead is the un-path. I know I’m taking a tiny molehill of a thing that annoys me about a blogging site and making it into a mountain, but it’s interesting/frustrating to me how we so need to label, specialize, categorize, separate “this” off from “that” as though there are clear lines between them. Is it so scary to simply be label-less for a second or two? For forever? I know, I’m a product of my education, but running around acting like our world is ordered because we have labeled it so strikes me as naive–ignorant, even. Dwelling in the uncertainty of a lack of label is sometimes necessary to getting closer to figuring out what the thing actually even is. Sometimes it’s only when we let go of the labels that the right one emerges.

But, I’m not a programmer or tech-savvy by any stretch of the imagination, and so do not know how to make my posts have no category. I will therefore try to be very explicit and hopefully whimsically goofy in my category namings from now on. Even if a post doesn’t really have any category, I’ll be damned if it’s still “Uncategorized.”